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We have waited for years to see deer in our yard, so we could not believe when we saw these two White Tailed deer yesterday. Looking out our window we first saw the buck. Grabbing the camera and running out the back door, he saw us and went down in the wash on the side of the house. Then, the doe came out. Below are the photographs we took.

040813deer8-imp 040813deer9-imp 040813deer1-imp 040813deer2-imp 040813deer3-imp 040813deer4k-imp 040813deer5-imp 040813deer6-imp 040813deer7-imp 040813deer16-imp 040813deer17-imp 040813deer10-imp 040813deer11-imp 040813deer12-imp 040813deer13-imp 040813deer14-imp 040813deer15-imp


Pretty amazing to see deer in the yard. Hope they bring ‘Bambi’ back.


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It is warming up and the cactus have buds all over them. Today we saw the first bloom. A big flower on this tiny Fishhook Pincushion Cactus.

george smelling cactus flower-imp


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The sunset last night was amazing. There was a shaft of light from the sun coming up and the colors changed quickly as the sun went down. What a way to end the day.

30Mar13 sunset 1-imp 30Mar13 sunset 2-imp 30Mar13 sunset 3-imp

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I made Prickly Pear syrup today. The ‘apples’ are only around for a short period, once a year. Look who else loves them.

Prickly pear syrup ready to go.

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Absolutely! This rabbit even got a friend trying to munch with it.

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Butterfly Magic Exhibit, Tucson, Arizona

Yesterday we went to the Tucson Botanical Gardens to see the Butterfly Magic Exhibit.  It was amazing. If you are here in Tucson as a visitor, have friends visiting, or you live here, this is a must to see. There are new butterflies daily because they are shipped from tropical areas all around the world as butterfly pupae, or chrysalises. You may even be there when one emerges as an adult butterfly!

Lots to do in Tucson, Arizona. Places to go, things to see, shopping and places to stay, see TucsonMenu.com

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Agua Caliente Park is located in Tucson, Arizona at 12325 E Roger Road. The ponds and grounds are very nice, but my favorite part about the park is the Ranch House. The kitchen is like stepping back into time..I believe the late 50’s to early 60’s.

I imagine a Ranch House had to be very efficient with not a whole lot of frills. The kitchen, dining and living room fit the picture I have in my head of that to a ‘t’. Everything is neat, well organized, and functional.

The history of this park has been traced from 5500 years ago to the present. Read about it on the Friends Of Agua Caliente’s history page. They have done a wonderful job of keeping this park up and preserved for us all to see and enjoy.

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