Spring ~ Mating Season for White Tail Deer in Catalina Foothills Tucson Arizona

We have waited for years to see deer in our yard, so we could not believe when we saw these two White Tailed deer yesterday. Looking out our window we first saw the buck. Grabbing the camera and running out the back door, he saw us and went down in the wash on the side of the house. Then, the doe came out. Below are the photographs we took.

040813deer8-imp 040813deer9-imp 040813deer1-imp 040813deer2-imp 040813deer3-imp 040813deer4k-imp 040813deer5-imp 040813deer6-imp 040813deer7-imp 040813deer16-imp 040813deer17-imp 040813deer10-imp 040813deer11-imp 040813deer12-imp 040813deer13-imp 040813deer14-imp 040813deer15-imp


Pretty amazing to see deer in the yard. Hope they bring ‘Bambi’ back.



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