In this issue Astronaut Alan Shepard, The Delta Queen Riverboat, balloons with telescopes, and African animals in danger are reported on. I loved this one because I saw the Delta Queen often on the Mississippi River.

Weekly Reader January 11-15 1960jan11-15-1960-2jan11-15-1960-3jan11-15-1960-4


This brings back memories of how wonderful it was to learn to read.

Vintage Cookware and Other Items in Tucson Arizona

A few years ago I came across a stack of Weekly Readers in Osyka, Mississippi. These bring back wonderful memories of learning to read, so I wanted to share them with you.

Weekly Reader January 4-8 1960jan4-8-1960-2jan4-8-1960-3jan4-8-1960-4

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Swaneria: Marina’s Dream, 1972. What a wonderful piece this is!

Raphael Collazo's Swaneria: Marina's Dream at University of Arizona Museum of Art

Raphael Collazo’s Swaneria: Marina’s Dream at University of Arizona Museum of Art


Cranberry yarn

Geri will be at the Little Gallery until mid December 2016, 6300 N Swan Rd, Tucson, 10-4. You may view more of her work on her Flickr website.

DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun Little Gallery, Geri Bringman

Geri Bringman Art


Newborn Monarch Butterflybutterflybirth2

caterpillarsMonarch Butterfly Cocoons

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