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There are so many baby birds right now, Spring!

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This one is almost the same size as Mom.

Baby Thrasher bird being fed

Baby Thrasher bird being fed

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It’s Spring and the snakes are out. Thought I would repost this on the Snake Avoidance Class for Dogs.

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Today George went to snake avoidance class at Desert Wildlife Services here in Tucson.


I was shocked when he just walked right up to the snake with no fear at all. The snake is muzzled.


After the training began, he wouldn’t go near the snake.






He was brought up to the snake to force him to get the scent good.


At the end of the class he did not even want to look at it.


We watched a Golden Retriever before George’s class began.



Here’s a photo with the rattlesnake muzzled.


Michael is a remarkable teacher. He is pictured above in the striped shirt. Along with his brother, they form a great team, not only training your dog, but calming them down in between the sessions with the snake. The whole process took less than 10 minutes. I think it’s the best $75 I could spend on my pet.

You may…

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Easter Decoration Bull Mexican Restaurant Tucson


Every piece of vintage cookware has it’s own story. You can sense the well loved pieces, and all of the wonderful meals they made.

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This is my favorite loaf pan to cook with. It is enameled cast iron and makes the best banana bread ever.

Vintage Blue Cast Iron Loaf Pan

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Both of these birds are so striking. Fine seeing them together in the backyard here in Tucson, Arizona.

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Cardinal and Gambel's Quail

Catalina Foothills, Tucson, AZ – This is the first male Northern Cardinal and male Gambel’s Quail we have photographed together. The cardinal had been there for a while and was singing (chirping) away. Then the mail quail jumped up in the tree, but was still about ten feet from the cardinal. The quail started to call. Not wanting to be out sung, the Northern Cardinal flew over and asked him to find another tree. The quail parachuted to the ground and went on his way.

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Too hard of a choice. I like collecting all of the colors.

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Fiestaware ColorsI don’t think so…

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