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The weather was perfect, and the dogs in their Halloween costumes. Everybody was having fun at the Dogtoberfest today at St Gregory’s.

dogtoberfest 1-imp dogtoberfest 2-imp dogtoberfest 3-imp dogtoberfest 4-impdogtoberfest 5-impdogtoberfest 6-imp


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It is warming up and the cactus have buds all over them. Today we saw the first bloom. A big flower on this tiny Fishhook Pincushion Cactus.

george smelling cactus flower-imp


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I stuffed bell peppers yesterday and look who was keeping an eye on them for me.

dogs and peppers-imp

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This benefit was sponsored by the Southern Arizona Humane Society, and was a fun event. Here are the photos I took.

I brought our dog. After he had his ‘interview’ with the judges we went to A Loyal Companion’s booth and he received a free massage. She also has specialty dog training classes.

dog therapy and massage in Tucson, AZ

We also visited the Pet Partners Therapy Animal Team booth, and Camp Bow Wow’s booth. Camp Bow Wow has a swimming pool and live cams so you can watch your dog.

There were great dogs and people at LaEncantada and we enjoyed the day.

For more things to do in Tucson, AZ visit TucsonMenu.com.

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This little Cottontail rabbit quickly went into the safety of the cactus. It is just a baby, but already knows that dogs like George are not friends…yet.

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I brought my dog George with me today to DeGrazia’s Gallery grounds. I love to go over there and draw, so he needs to get used to being good there. He is 10 months old now, and wants to play all the time. I didn’t get to draw, but we had a good time.

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George is a 9 month old puppy. He already has a lot of patience, and is learning more as he gets different outfits tried on him. I think he really loves this one.

What a good boy!

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