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We are expecting record rain in the next couple of days as the hurricane comes in from Mexico. Beautiful sunset last night.

Tucson Arizona Sunset 15Sep14sunset2-imp 15Sep14sunset3-imp 15Sep14sunset5-imp


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What a beautiful day. The sky is really blue and the clouds are building. It’s been below 100* for a couple of days. Perfect.

31aug13 1-imp 31aug13 2-imp

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We have been smelling smoke coming over from the New Mexico Silver fire. This morning was  a mix of smoke and clouds in the sky I think. It is still overcast…and about 112* with 8% humidity.

29Jun13 sunrise-imp

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These clouds look like really big teeth. The rain is pouring out of them and it never hit the ground.

Just raining away in the sky, like a big sky waterfall.

tooth cloud

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The sunset last night was amazing. There was a shaft of light from the sun coming up and the colors changed quickly as the sun went down. What a way to end the day.

30Mar13 sunset 1-imp 30Mar13 sunset 2-imp 30Mar13 sunset 3-imp

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What a way to start the day..and then have it to look at over and over. The sunrise yesterday was beautiful. Recording it with the camera, it’s amazing to see the change in color that happens so fast.

sunrise 05Feb13 1-imp sunrise 05Feb13 2-imp sunrise 05Feb13 3-imp sunrise 05Feb13 4-imp sunrise 05Feb13 5-imp sunrise 05Feb13 6-imp sunrise 05Feb13 7-imp sunrise 05Feb13 8-imp sunrise 05Feb13 9-imp

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We finally got some rain yesterday. Beautiful clouds at sunrise.

It was raining in the sky over Finger Rock.

By the afternoon, the clouds were getting heavier against the blue, blue sky.

To me, summer was officially over this week. Finally the heat is gone.

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