Two of Zetta’s newest pieces of original artwork are below. Her work is on display at the Gypsy Emporium, inside of the Old Town Artisans at 201 N Court Ave here in Tucson, Arizona.



If the street is too hot for my bare feet, it is too hot for his.



Tiny seeds are inside of the bright red fruit of the Saguaro ‘apples’. These are a real delicacy for so many birds. They only come out once a year after the blooms disappear. If you can gather enough, they are wonderful to cook. Usually the are very high up on the ends of the arms.


Ted DeGrazia painting the Chapel walls in Tucson, at Gallery in the Sun.degraziapainting2degraziapainting3

DeGrazia Chapel Gallery in the Sun Tucson, Arizonadegraziachapelwall1degraziachapelwalls5

The one below is my favorite. You can see more angels in the negative space between the angels. Part of it was not destroyed in the fire 29May17. To make a donation you may go to their website Degrazia Gallery in the Sun.


This happened late yesterday afternoon, 29May17. The two front rooms are okay, but the alter and walls inside the chapel are badly burned. The bell and cross still stand on top of the chapel. To make a donation, you may go to their web site, DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun.


A few items were found after the fire.


From the side door looking in.


The address is:
DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun
6300 N Swan Rd
Tucson, AZ 85718

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