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Source: Making an apron from a vintage pattern with Wine

Jennifer Osner, Purveyor of fine antique textilesjennifer-osner3jennifer-osner4jennifer-osner2

Vintage Items in Tucson Arizona

Articles include new maps for the USA, robots, US Senate’s new subway, and Scientist’s findings about how animals see color.Weekly Reader February 1-5 1960feb1-5-1960-2feb1-5-1960-3feb1-5-1960-4

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Bad Ash Woodworks at the Tucson Bead Show 2017Basket Mary at the Tucson Bead Show 2017Cynthia Owei, Posh Jewels Worldwide at the Tucson Bead Show 2017

In this issue Astronaut Alan Shepard, The Delta Queen Riverboat, balloons with telescopes, and African animals in danger are reported on. I loved this one because I saw the Delta Queen often on the Mississippi River.

Weekly Reader January 11-15 1960jan11-15-1960-2jan11-15-1960-3jan11-15-1960-4


This brings back memories of how wonderful it was to learn to read.

Vintage Items in Tucson Arizona

A few years ago I came across a stack of Weekly Readers in Osyka, Mississippi. These bring back wonderful memories of learning to read, so I wanted to share them with you.

Weekly Reader January 4-8 1960jan4-8-1960-2jan4-8-1960-3jan4-8-1960-4

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