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Newborn Monarch Butterflybutterflybirth2

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The Santa Rita cactus are blooming out back. Just started 4 days ago. This bee is all up in the flower before it even opened all the way.

bee in santa rita cactus 2-imp bee in santa rita cactus 3-imp bee in santa rita cactus 4-imp bee in santa rita cactus-imp

When they open all the way they look like this:

bee in santa rita cactus 5-imp bee in santa rita cactus 6-imp

The yellow is beautiful against the lavender and green pads of the cactus.

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This summer I grew a Luffa gourd plant from seed. Finally, I got a Luffa ‘sponge’ off of it. Now that’s it’s cooling off a little here I have another Luffa growing. Here are a few photographs I took of the flower, Luffa and the dried ‘sponge’ showing how it was full of seeds. It makes a big, beautiful yellow flower that the bees love.

I saved the seeds and planted more. It makes a really nice vine and you get something nice for your growing effort… luffa sponges.

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Getting a firm grasp on the saw like ‘leaf’ coming from this Agave, this walking stick was making it’s way downwards. It stopped as I got closer and I think was looking at me. I started to pick it up, but I’m glad I didn’t now that I see those pinchers.

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