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Tiny seeds are inside of the bright red fruit of the Saguaro ‘apples’. These are a real delicacy for so many birds. They only come out once a year after the blooms disappear. If you can gather enough, they are wonderful to cook. Usually the are very high up on the ends of the arms.


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White Cactus Flower Echinopsis

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Tucson Snow Jan 1st 2015 on Finger Rock Trail 2015Janfinger18-imp 2015Janfinger20-imp

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We woke up to snow at 1:30 this morning and let our dog outside. What a beautiful surprise.

Tucson Arizona snow 010115snow2-imp

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I made a Vinaigrette salad dressing yesterday and put some of my Prickly Pear Syrup that I had put up in it. Delicious! The syrup has a very delicate taste and went perfect with the dressing.

Waiting for the ‘apples’ to appear on the Prickly Pear cactus so I can do another batch. It will probably be September before they do.

prickly pear syrup 09Sep12-imp


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First, it’s those sticker thorns on the cactus. Second, I want to pick those ‘apples’ it makes after the flower finishes blooming, so I can make Prickly Pear Syrup. In Tucson it’s against the law to pick them outside of your yard. I’m expecting a bumper crop this year.

Last, they are so beautiful out in the yard. It wouldn’t be the same to bring them inside.

santa rita cactus flower 5-imp santa rita cactus flower 6-imp santa rita cactus flower 7-imp santa rita cactus flower 8-imp santa rita cactus flower 9-imp santa rita cactus flower 3-imp santa rita cactus flower 4-imp santa rita cactus flower 10-imp santa rita cactus flower 11-imp santa rita cactus flower 12-imp santa rita cactus flower 13-imp

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