Guest Artists Ron Martin and Paul Hopman at DeGrazia’s Little Gallery in Tucson, Arizona

Exhibiting at DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun, DeGrazia’s Little Gallery are guest artists Ron Martin and Paul Hopman, through today, March 9th, 2012.

Master craftsman Ron Warner makes one of a kind pieces of rustic southwestern furniture, jewelry boxes, puzzle boxes, urns, and frames from Mesquite wood inlayed with turquoise. His exquisite pieces may be seen by appointment at his gallery also, telephone 520-294-8807. He welcomes special orders, and his work has been shipped throughout the world. He also uses oak, and exotic woods. Ron had a bowl by a friend of his, J. Brillhart, made of 108 pieces of wood on one of his tables. I have included pictures of it in these photographs.

Paul Hopman’s amazing portraits show his love for animals. He is an artist, teacher, and conservationist. His work may also be seen on his website.


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