Geri Bringman at DeGrazia’s Little Art Gallery in Tucson Arizona

Geri Bringman’s Images of the Southwest are on exhibit at DeGrazia’s Little Gallery through December 17th, 2011. Her work on canvas, paper and wood may also be viewed here



  1. I love your fat ladies doing yoga. They speak to me as I’m a 71 year old lady that weighs 180# and have been doing yoga for many years! I purchased one of your paintings today (fat lady in in somewhat of a “crane” pose) after my yoga class. I plan on purchasing more as finances permit.


  2. Geri, I love your art(we have some) but, in particular, your, how shall I say it, pueblo or street scenes(e.g. Bougainvilla). They are so rich and colorful. However, I can’t help but feel placing those wonderful people scenes IN the street scenes would be another level altogether. Is that possible: does it pose challenges?


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