Guest Artist Matthew Moutafis at DeGrazia Little Gallery in Tucson, Arizona

Matthew Moutafis “Visions and Illuminations” works of art will be on display at De’Grazia’s Little Gallery until December 3rd, 2010. Matthew has lived in Arizona for most of his life, and is originally from New York City. His art projects include designing the town of Oro Valley’s logo.

Located at 6300 N Swan Rd, the Little Gallery hosts local artists during the winter months.  There is a wonderful, warm fire in the kiva fireplace.



  1. Matthew Moutafis’ works could be characterized as an ethnographically inspired collection of texts. As an anthropologist, I can decode and unravel the multiple meanings conveyed by his artistic creations. In my assessment, the medium of art becomes for Moutafis a means to give voice to individuals who rarely have a forum to articulate their thoughts and express their worldview. Through his creations, Matthew Moutafis conveys personal qualities and sensitivities that seem to be in short supply in our postmodern age.


  2. In the mid 70’s I was Administrator of Pima County General Hospital which became Kino Hospital. I received several numbered prints from a painter named Mr. Moutafis, one of which has the image of what appears to be a woman saying the rosary and the words “KINO” next to the image. Also in the print is an image of the San Xavier mission and some Indian graphics. He also sent me a print which depicts panning for gold and the words “Tucson” and “Jacomes” and “Hughes” in the print. Is this the same Mr Moutafis which had a showing at the DeGrazia Little studio in 2010. If so, what can you tell me about him? Is there a way to contact him?

    I also have several paintings by a woman named “Trudi” who said she had permission to paint reproductions of DeGrazia paintings and sign her name to them. She signed them “DeGrazia by Trudi” Can you tell me anything about Trudi and the paintings she was authorized to make with Mr. DeGrazia’s permission?

    Thanks for your assistance
    tom corley


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