Fall At Sabino Canyon – Tucson Arizona

The trees are beginning to turn colors in Sabino Canyon. Beautiful day today. Riding the tram up to the top of the canyon, then walking down, you can get lots of great photographs.

Amazing hiking trails in Sabino Canyon too. If you buy a tram ticket at the entrance, you can get off and on at any stop, all day long.

For more information on things to do in Tucson visit TucsonMenu. Lots to see and do in southern Arizona!

Visit Discover Arizona if you are traveling here.


One comment

  1. arizona is a pretty state been there several times when young. used to get the magezine arizona highways. beautiful pictures. once when I was there I went for a long walk down van burean in pheonix (spelled right?) for three miles when it was like 115 degrees out, one thing I noticed is my hands swelled so much they hurt. my father came and picked me up because he was worried I would faint in the heat. I felt fine and stopped at a store to get a very big pop. lol.


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