Shoe Shopping at Nordstrom’s Rack in Scottsdale, Arizona is a Sport

Shoes, any style, color, and an ever changing stock. Nordstrom’s Rack is the best for shoe shopping. Every shoe is on sale.

There is at least one row for each size, and you get the matching shoe at the counter in the back. Heels, boots, sneakers, sandals, slides, slippers, you are surrounded by them. Wear  something comfortable over there so you can slip on a shoe easily. If you love it, they will get the other one for you.

Yes, they also have jeans, swimsuits, jewelry, purses, men’s clothes and shoes, sleepwear, kid’s clothes and shoes, linens, perfume, hair accessories, sunglasses and home items…hope I’m not forgetting anything. But, I am in the shoes so long when I go here these other things are foggy to me. Just have to make more than one trip.

If I ever move away, I will take a shopping vacation just to come back to Scottsdale for the shopping. Especially, Nordstrom’s Rack. Plan on staying a little while and do not bring someone with you that does not want to stay at least a couple of hours. It is fun! Click your heels together Dorothy!

Shopping is a sport here!


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