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Can anyone help identify this little Hummingbird? It was about 2″ long, and was in Tucson, Arizona at the beginning of November, 2014.


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We have it for you here. Come in and get a bowl with some garlic bread. It’ll hit the spot.

Taste of Louisiana Cafe Gumbo

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Tucked away on North Blvd in Baton Rouge, under the ‘new’ overpass, are the remnants of what was once Romano’s Pack and Save. The sign is still up and a neighborhood fixture for years.

Romano's Pack & Save in Baton Rouge, LA

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This is my favorite lunch!

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When something is that good, I just keep ordering the same thing every time I go in. That’s what this is at Taste Of Louisiana Cafe. Crawfish Teche, white beans and rice and fried catfish, my favorite lunch.Crawfish Teche at Taste of Louisiana Cafe

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Right after sunrise this morning. Imagine how scary these were last night ~

Tucson Halloween House halloween 1a-imp halloween 2-imp halloween 4-imp halloween 5-imp halloween 6-imp halloween 7-imp

He really picked up on the word Treat and sat at the window watching and waiting with his bat ears on.

Dalmatian Halloween halloween g 2-imp halloween g 3-imp

Coyotes were howling this evening at sunset, so our dog was watching from inside, at the window. It was a nice one.

Tucson Sunset 18Oct14 sunset 18Oct14 2-imp sunset 18Oct14 3-imp


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